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Religious freedom is supposed to be inviolable, but it turns out that it's at risk in the modern world. If you're a religious person, you must be aware of all the problems you face and fight them. Many organizations are standing up for religious freedom, and Citizens United is one of the most well-known ones. Another way to publicly disclose the situation with religious freedom: is to tell young people about it. Schools and colleges are successfully doing it and letting youth participate in conferences, express their opinions and make a difference. If you think that college is just an endless flow of assignments, you're deeply mistaken. The growing number of clients of the best custom essay service proves that students learned how to maintain work-study balance and prioritize activities. If you have a reliable helper next to you, you'll be able to be a straight-A student, practice your hobbies, and do everything you feel is necessary for you. Many students lack time, but you shouldn't suffer when there's a way to solve this problem. Just fill out the order form and get your custom assignment fast.

This is Phil Robertson from Duck Commander. America's Founders fought a revolution and created a Constitution to defend and promote religious freedom. But the Godly values that propelled America to greatness are under attack by the mob mentality of political correctness – and we're slowly losing our soul.

As Americans, we ought to be able to speak freely about our faith in God and live by our values without fear of coercion. Together with Citizens United, I'm ready to push back and stand tall for religious freedom.

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